A Thank You from Paul Beacham

I would like to share this email that I received from Paul Beacham, Barbara's husband. I would also like to thank Michael, author of the blog, “SummersTommy,” for suggesting that I let Paul know what Barbara's friends on WordPress, did for her. Thank you to all of you who participated in the tribute to Barbara. The email from Paul Beacham:

“As I read the stories written by those that knew Barb, and most probably only through their keyboards, I realize how she touched others. My eyes swelled and filled with tears as I read each tribute. She had cultivated a group of wonderful people and I wish she had more time to share with all.

Each one that participated in her Monday’s Finish the Story gave Barb another reason to go on and fight her medical issues. Her blogs were a therapy that I knew, as well as saw, helped her. She would occasionally read out loud some of the responses she received, laughing all the while. Each person touched her in some fashion.

Sadly as I read, tears running down my face, I couldn’t muster the emotions to thank each author on an individual basis, I would probably have shorted out the computer keyboard as the tears dropped from my face. So I ask if you could send a group thank you on my behalf to all those that wrote such kindness and captured the essence of a unique woman.

She had, no has, a wonderful group of people in her life and to each and every one of you I need to say thank you for being a part of it, and for expressing yourselves in a way that gave Barb pleasure.”

To all – thank you so much

Paul Beacham

From: Priceless Joy
Sent: Friday, December 04, 2015 4:16 PM
To: Barbara Beacham
Subject: To Paul Beacham – Barbara's husband

Paul, several of us felt we wanted to do something special for Barbara, so we did a special writing challenge in her memory. If you click on the url below, it will take you into the grid where the stories are that are written in her honor.

You are in our thoughts and prayers. You have our deepest sympathy. PJ


14 thoughts on “A Thank You from Paul Beacham

  1. Thank you Joy for all you did in helping us reach out to honour Barbara as we did. I’m so pleased you were able to give Paul the link to the tributes.
    I think when we all go and our blogs cease to live with our thoughts they will remain as a testament to each of us and a record of how we reached out and touched the lives of others. Thank you again Joy I’m so pleased we were able to do this. Michael.


  2. Thanks for sharing with Barb’s husband. I know he knows how wonderful we thought Barb was. Thanks for letting us know when he responded. I’m keeping him in my prayers.:)


  3. Sent from my iPad I am so sorry to have missed this chance to express my thoughts on the wonderful prompts and comments from my friend Barb. I was shocked to hear of her death, but we have been away as we have had a death in the family and I am still picking up the pieces. God rest her soul in peace, she will be very sadly missed by all her many friends. Thanks for passing this moving tribute and message along PJ. >


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