Update on Barbara Beacham

For those of you who participate in the challenge, Monday's Finish the Story, hosted by Barbara Beacham, I received an update on her health by her husband, Paul.

Barbara was taken to the ER on November 14, and as she was waiting for a room to be prepared, her Blood Pressure dropped extremely low and was taken to the ICU.

On Wednesday, November 18, the doctors did a CT scan and discovered something in her right lung. Due to her weakened condition, they were unable to do a bronchoscopy so they could not be 100% sure what that something is. They put her on a regiment of antibiotics. If her condition improves in the next 24-48 hours then it is more than likely pneumonia. However, if she doesn't improve, it means the cancer has spread. If that is the case, because of her current condition, she only has 7 to 10 days left to live.

Paul has asked us for our prayers, as the next few days will be critical for Barbara.


74 thoughts on “Update on Barbara Beacham

  1. Liking this post seemed insufficient (and a bit awkward given the post’s content). I’m new around these parts, so I do not know Barbara. Still, she is in my thoughts today. Hoping for the best.

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  2. Thank you for the update, PJ! I have to say I was quite worried for her and I’m sad to hear this. She’s been in my thoughts since her announcement and I very much hope it’ll turn out it’s just pneumonia. Sending good vibes to both Barbara and Paul!


  3. I was thinking of Barbara this morning because it’s Monday. Haven’t heard from her for weeks and was wondering how she’s doing. Thank you so much for updating us. Will surely keep her in prayer. 🙏


  4. Dear Lord, the cross of ill-health is not an easy burden to bear. You said that in everything we should give you thanks and yes even in moments like this we give you thanks for Barbara’s health and life. God of infinite goodness, you are her sustenance and strength in adversity, may this difficult time pass and let the report be a good one. Everlasting King of Glory, let not her pain be undue. May your abundant grace be upon Barbara and her family in this difficult season. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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