FFfAW Week of 3-25-2015


Linking Timeline:

Linking will open 12:00 pm EST (NYC time), Tuesday, 03/24/2015 (London time = 5:00 pm)

Linking will close 5:00 pm EST (NYC time), Tuesday, 03/31/2015 (London time = 10:00 pm)

Welcome to the sixth challenge for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers!

Thank you for your participating and for being the reason this challenge is a success. Keep coming back!

If you are a new participant to Flash Fiction to Aspiring Writers, WELCOME! We are happy you are with us and hope you have fun.

A special thank you to the established and professional writers who have joined our flash fiction group to participate and to be our mentors.

Please indicate on your post IF YOU DO NOT WANT CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK.

At the very bottom of this post is the link to the code for the blue InLinkz button. (If you would like to have the button on your story, please go into this link, copy the code and paste it to the *HTML* side of your story (the blue button will show up on the front with your story).

Thank you Vanessa Rodriguez for this week’s prompt photo.



(The following information will continue to be posted for any new people joining the group).

Guide for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers:

1. Each Tuesday, a prompt photo will be provided for you as a base for your story. (Please attach this photo to your story when you post/publish them).

2. If the photo prompt has not been credited to the photographer on the photo, please give them credit on your post.

3. This challenge will run Wednesday to Wednesday. (Linking times are Tuesday to Tuesday). Time line will be at the bottom of this post. (Please do not wait until the last minute to post your story or others may not get a chance to read it).

4. Story word limits will be 100 – 150 words (give or take 25 words). Please try to stay within this limit. (Please make a note of the number of words used somewhere on your post).

5. Please TAG your posts with “Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.” This step is important for other bloggers to find our stories in the Reader.

6. Add your story’s link to the InLinkz using the blue frog button located on this post.

Pre Linking Instructions:

Once you have written and published your story to your blog, tap on the blue (froggy) button, located on this post, or any participants’ post with a “blue frog button.” (This is the easiest way to link and this option is free).

Linking Instructions:

1) Click on the blue Frog button.

2) Click on the small blue button that says, “Add your Link”.

3) First box is for your story post’s url.

4) Second box is for the name of your story and blog (up to 50 characters).

5) Third box is for your WordPress email address (only I will see that).

6) Click “Done” on the bottom of that screen.

7) Click on the button that says, “Take me back to the Link Up”. (You should now be able to see your story in the story grid). (See #8)

8) *Optional: At this point you can click on the space of your story icon and choose to download your gravatar there by selecting “add image” from the list on the left of the screen, then follow the directions.

You also have the option to sign up for InLinkz and be able to have the froggy button on your post as well. (If you would like to have a blue button on your post, I will be happy to email you the code to copy and paste to the html side of your post). Having a blue button on your post gives more people the opportunity to read all the stories in the Grid (or give other participants the ability to link their stories from your blue frog button). (This option is also free unless you opt to extend your subscription).

Linking Timeline:

*The InLinkz link-up will be open at 12:00 pm EST (NYC), Tuesday, 03/24 (5:00 pm London time).

*The InLinkz link-up will close at 5:00 pm EST (NYC), Tuesday, 03/31 (10:00 pm London time).


This is the link to the InLinkz Code that you copy and paste to the HTML side of your story to have a blue froggy button on your story:


http://goo.gl/2zwGZK>get the InLinkz code









40 thoughts on “FFfAW Week of 3-25-2015

  1. Priceless, I have no clue what’s going on… 1st my posts pingback didn’t appear here – and I tried several times (it appeared last week) And 2nd, I could not add Froggy to the end of my story – I did do it in HTML mode, but it just wouldn’t work…This is really frustrating 😦


  2. Yeah, it’s all good, it worked! Thank you!

    Now, on my site where I have linked a pingback to yours, works perfectly and brings me here when it’s clicked, but I don’t know why it’s not showing up… I’m going to give it one last try.


      • No joy, tried again.. I even logged out to see if the pinback was showing like that on your site, but no, it’s not happening. Maybe there’s some settings I messed up…. I was doing some WP ‘house clearing’ last week… I’ll check it out tomorrow, that’s the only thing I can think of.


      • Victoria, I’m not sure what you are referring to – the “pingback.” I’m pretty sure your pingback to me worked when you wrote your story and linked it.


  3. Help! I must be going crazy. Week after week I have tried to get my gravatar on the story icon (which is blank) and it never works. I do fine from number 1 thru 6…then I click Done, then 7… when I click on Take me back to the Link Up….but I never see anything in the grid space. Then, I go to #8 and should be able to choose to download my gravatar there by selecting “add image” from the list on the left of the screen, but when I right click on the grid or left click on it…I am not taken to a screen for directions in adding my image. I don’t even see it on the whole page of grids.

    I am following instructions below…numbers 1 thru 8 (should I perhaps try to add my gravatar Before I click on Done (in instruction #6) ? I don’t mind my gravatar not being there and having an empty space, just wondering why I can’t get it to work.

    Will appreciate any help I can get. Thank you, Jessie Cross Luckyjc007 jbcross007@aol.com

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, if I am understanding what you are saying you don’t click on done until you have adjusted your avatar picture onto the icon. I click on the icon (it doesn’t do anything but I think it selects it) then I scroll through the avatars below and find mine and click on it and it adds it to the icon above. I have had to go to the list on the left and choose “add image” and update my gravatar but once you do that it should remain on the grid below. Each week I have to scroll through the grid below and click on my own gravatar. I hope this hasn’t confused you.


    • I went back to the directions to see what you were referring to and you and I were talking about 2 different things. You have to click Done on #6. Go into the Grid. Click on the photo (in your case it is blank, but click on it anyway. It won’t do anything). Then go to the left and add your image avatar. Once you do that, the blank space should be gone. Then you can go out of it as you normally do. Once you have your avatar there, it will still in the grid and next next time you can scroll through the avatars down below and choose yours and click on it. It will then add it to the top and fill in your blank space.


      • I have tried to get rid of the 1st one because it was input wrong, then I tried again and it still did not work, gave it one more try and boom! …now there are two for me and one for me that doesn’t show!!! I guess there is no way to delete anything once it has been posted on the grid. Sorry for the error….hopefully, I will not run into this problem next week.
        Thank you Joy for letting me know the grid was wrong.

        Liked by 1 person

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